$2 microSDHC Card(4GB), $4 microSDHC Card(8GB) [free shipping]

From cameras to MP3 players,you can always expand your gadget’s storage memory by incorporating the high-capacity flash memory cards! Today we spotted UnlockedCellPhoneKings offering Micro SDHC cards via Amazon at a  cost-effective price.You can buy

  •  The 4GB micro Secure Digital High Capacity Card that’s been provided for a super low discount price of $2.49 combined with a shipping that’s totally for free($0.62/GB). Quoted $3 less than the any other similar 4GB microSDHC card,this one is the lease expensive item found ever with 4GB capacity!
  • A great deal better is the 8GB micro Secure Digital High Capacity Card that’s been offered for an affordable price of $3.99 combined with a free shipping facility($0.50/GB). Mentioned $2 less than the similar capacity 8GB microSDHC card seen without rebates,this item is the least expensive found in the 8GB memory range!

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