$35 Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot [Free Shipping]

Good news for all the users of FreedomPop! If ever you were waiting for a chance to try this mobile hotspot,you may want to hurry over to the store now to snag the deals for the refurbished Black download (10)Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro 4G Mobile Hotspot bundle  for a super low price of $34.99, which is $37 less than the similar ones!And since free shipping is included, this is the price you’ll pay!

Remember this 3GB of data is for the first month only and  no warranty information is provided for this item.

Additionally you can snag the 3GB 4G Internet access premium trial with this bundle! This is the best price quoted for this hotspot new at any carrier with no service that

  • Provides WiFi connection for up to eight devices (such as smart phones and tablets)
  • A 1.7″ display that lets you track your usage in real-time  and
  • 6 hours of battery life

Make sure you cancel the offer before the end of the billing cycle, or you’ll have to spend$19.99 per month.The free service is available for just 500MB per month,hence you can roll over your data up to 500MB for $3.99 per month.

Head to the store to get started!

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