$30 Used Dual-Screen DVD Player(7″ Portable) from Philips [$5 shipping]

 Play your favorite music as well as videos with the Philips 7″ Portable Dual-Screen DVD Player! Hurry over to the daily deals site of Cowboom to score the deals for this used item(model no. PD7012/37)in black for a super price of $29.99! Mentioned $25 less than the similar refurbished unit,this used model of Philips 7″ dual-screen DVD player features: 

  • Two screens each with a 480×234 resolution
  • MP3, CD, and DVD-/+RW playback
  • Two headphone jacks etc

And, for just $5 you can have this player shipped to your home! This seems like one heck of a deal,so grab it before it closes by today!

Note: This player doesn’t carry any info related to the warranty.

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