$30 Parallels Desktop 8 w/ Voila [Free Shipping]

If you’re in doubt whether it’s possible to seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X on your system,then it is!  Just hurry on over download (3)to newegg and grab this nice deal for the OEM Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac (model no. PDFM8L-BX1-EN) bundle for a super price of $29.99, marked down from a regular in-cart price of $59.99 when you apply the coupon code “CMEY1234” offered! That’s $33 less than the usual prices quoted for these items sold separately plus $44 off the best deal noted for Parallels Desktop 9 outright!

Plus with this bundle you can take along SmithMicro Voila for Mac (model no. VLAMBX2) and a Parallels 9 Upgrade! Voila will be added to your cart automatically,so you don’t have to worry more! And to boot, you’ll even receive free shipping on top of that!

This Parallels Desktop enables you to run Windows on an Intel-based Mac without rebooting,so this is a great one to pick up if you’re in the market for one!

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