$15 Universal HDMI 3-In-1 Cable and Adapter(12-Foot) of PNY [free shipping]

You can connect your tablet or smartphone,camera, or any other mobile device to your HDTV using this  thin and supple PNY 3-In-1 12-Foot Universal HDMI Cable and Adapter that’s easy to handle! Head over to the daily deals section of TigerDirect and type “model no. C-H-A10-A12-3N1-T” to locate this item that’s being offered for an everyday super price of $14.99. Shipping is done for free to this $5 less priced 12-foot cable that has a T-shaped adapter which eases the connection between miniHDMI or Micro HDMI outputs of a mobile to HDMI input. We found the offer open only for today,so hurry now!

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