$100 PRO-7 Drum Microphone Kit (7-Piece) of CAD [free shipping]

Guaranteed tom sound! If you are drummer then you would never like to miss this chance to get a dynamic drum set that reduces unwanted drum vibration! Hurry on over to the daily deals site of  Musician’s Friend right now where you can score the CAD PRO-7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit for just  $99.99! When compared to similar kinds of deals,by availing this offer you can surely save $93! 

And, as if that wasn’t good enough, you’ll also get free shipping on your order! This lowest priced kit contains: 

  • A kick drum microphone
  • Snare microphone
  • Three tom microphones and 
  • Two mini pencil condenser overhead microphones 

Keep in mind that this offer is valid only for today,so act fast!

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