$10 Belkin Windows to Windows Easy PC Transfer Cable [Free Shipping]

Like to transfer your files simple and easy via a cable instead of the lengthy copy,format and save process? If so,then here’s an exclusive deal for download (11)you that might prove handy! Hurry on over to Technology Galaxy where via Amazon you can score the Belkin Windows 7 / XP / Vista to Windows 8 Easy Transfer Cable for PC (model no. F4U060) for a super low price of $9.50, which is $3 less than the standard prices!

And to boot, you’ll even receive free shipping on top of that!  This cable allows you to migrate settings and files from Windows 7/XP/Vista to Windows 8.

As a price comparison you can snag this same item for $6.99 with a minimal shipping fee of $2.98 at S F Planet via Amazon! To get in on this great deal head on over to the stores now!

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